It is the day after the day before, the day after the @RunnersKnees #virtual10miler and I am put the following together as a bid of a collage… Enjoy… Advertisements


The RunnersKnees #Virtual10miler Medals – given the personal touch

15/06/2013 Additional

THE RUNNERS KNEES INAUGURAL #VIRTUAL10MILER.. In December last year I ran the #virtualhalfmary, the brainchild of Michelle and Brenda┬ábut what was it and what will the RunnersKnees #virtual10miler be? In short, it’s a race held on one day (29th June) where all racers run the same distance (10 miles), track it and post results and…


The Inaugural RunnersKnees #Virtual10Miler So this is how it works…. or…How to run a virtual race1. First choose a day. For me I have chosen the 29th June 2013. 2. Next. Advertise. You would have seen me tweet the shit out of this. I want 25 runners across the globe. Once you have 25 runners,…

29/06/2013 – THE #VIRTUAL10MILER

THE INAUGURAL RUNNERSKNEES @VIRTUAL10MILERTHE IDEA So I had this plan after @marathongrl71’s #VirtualHalfMary back in December to organise my own race. It was a simple and yet brilliant idea. People all over the world could run a race together without having to travel to a single place. The common ground would be Twitter, and the…