The Inaugural RunnersKnees #Virtual10Miler

So this is how it works…. or…

How to run a virtual race

1. First choose a day. For me I have chosen the 29th June 2013.

2. Next. Advertise. You would have seen me tweet the shit out of this. I want 25 runners across the globe. Once you have 25 runners, you need an incentive…

3. Bling. Of course, there is the bling. For me, @Runnersknees I found some small but poignant medals.

@RunnersKnees #Virtual10miler Bling!

4. Next. Running the show. On the 29th June I will have briefed all runners to use the hashtag #virtual10miler. I will ask them to tweet before, during (if possible), with pictures (if possible), and then at the end, including, the  proof that they have completed the race. This will take the form of an uploaded Nike+, or Mapmyrun screen, or a photo of a treadmill control panel, or a photo of their running watch.

This is most important as I need to know you have done it. We aren’t all Kit Litton.

This is how we do it!

5. I then collate all images and pictures, sorting people’s times in order, and then, after collecting all addresses, send out the bling.

6. Hopefully I will finish off with a collage of pictures of people running, with their times, and some of them with their bling. Simple? Well, let’s hope so.

The Racers so far (although a couple or maybe’s due to other races and commitments)

@LavenderParking Albuquerque, NM
@Hyedi Minneapolis
@iEat_IRun Scotland
@Lee_nixon England
@heidis787 Devon
@ChrisWardrope Edinburgh, Scotland
@mockjogger  Edinburgh, Scotland
@medalslut Aberdeen, Scotlans
@fehrtrade London
@walkersRP Notts
@KelsG7 Exeter
@Runnermommy2008 Ohio
@paulrunslong Adelaide, Australia
@marathongrl71 the original virtual race director, Nebraska
@airlie_bird England
@amyebrown77 South Carolina
@JefRuns Alabama
@amyebrown77 SC
@hoke_73 Uppsalla (Sweden)
@boblikethebird Somerset
@sarahs_scribble Berkshire
@cheepcheepbird UK
@alwysrunnen NY

and me (london boy) . Unless I get some Paul runs (he is a maybe due to other races), or Hoke in Sweden, I am guessing I will be running first.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Lee Nixon says:

    I'm aiming for a 10:00hrs start. Running with a friend too as part of her inaugral half training.


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