The North Carolina Half Marathon, Charlotte, NC…I have lived and travelled all over the world, and subsequently am in a very privileged position to be able to call upon friends in places such as North Carolina if I wish to run there. And so I did. Having expanded from running 10s in London, the 10s…


The Race Tee edition…Okay, before I start, these are not all the race t-shirts I have received. The Royal Parks Half Marathon tee was great, but ended up as a duster as there was no way on earth I was ever going to wear it out. It was a high quality tee, but it was fluorescent….


The Twickenham 10K Race Recap…This was a mistake for me in so many ways, and I am a little humbled, and a little cautious, and more reflective and mindful of others as I write this. Sometime in December, I can’t remember when, a discussion about races in the office somehow ended with a little smack…


The Amsterdam Half marathon Race Story So it finally came, the Mizuno Amsterdam half marathon, part of the Amsterdam marathon weekend that would see us all flying out to another country for the first time to run (although next year I am going to be doing this a lot, so expect a couch visitor :))….