15/06/2013 Additional


In December last year I ran the #virtualhalfmary, the brainchild of Michelle and Brenda but what was it and what will the RunnersKnees #virtual10miler be?

In short, it’s a race held on one day (29th June) where all racers run the same distance (10 miles), track it and post results and GPS (Nike+/Garmin, MapMyRun etc) maps of their journeys. The runners can be anywhere in the world. They can run the sun drenched beaches of Sydney, or the rolling hills of the Pennines, the asphalt of New Jersey, and the cobbles of London. They could even, as I did back in December, run on a treadmill. It is all the same to me.

I had planned this in January but flu, and personal stuff got in the way but, better late than never. So put this date in your calendar. 29th JUNE 2013 and DM to join. I am limiting the field to 25 runners and have quite a few already.


The hashtag will be#virtual10miler for the day and tweets and photos will be posted up on a big posting board on here, along with a mass wallpaper of all runners, with their times and photos of their routes, as well as the proof of their distance and time (photos of GPS watches, or maps from websites or apps).

And the race will be covered simultaneously by @RunningStories on www.therunningstories.com.

Should be fun.

And so to the bling!

I am a medal addict. That pay-off at the end of the race is the best thing. I love it. And therefore I have 25 medals for those taking part that I will send the week after the race, once all results are in and all times and pictures are received.

Of course it had to have a runners knees on it.

Running brings the world together. Racing brings it even closer. What else is there?

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