My Marathons in a Nutshell – Jenni Morris

Next up in my series on bite size reviews, the 12 marathons from UKRUNCHAT’s and South London’s very own Jenni Morris.

1: London 2014: Absolutely epic.  I loved it.  The crowds were amazing, I had a sore hand in the first half from so many high fives.  It’s an amazing atmosphere and I loved it.  I spotted my parents on Embankment for a quick hug before the final stretch.  I finished & knew I wanted to do it again straight away.

2: Edinburgh 2015: Brilliant until mile 17 when you do a U turn and head back the other way and the strong wind was against us.  It was really tough, even the guy that came 1st said he had to stop a moment because of the wind.  Really pretty route.

3: Berlin 2015: Such a fun weekend.  Had a great ukrunchat meet up.  I loved the marathon and the weather was warm & sunny- perfect.  The crowds were great and the celebrations in the German Beer Hall afterwards was pretty awesome (including a lot of shots & dancing on tables).

4: Bristol to Bath 2015: The Inaugural event and only time it has been held (not sure why they haven’t done it again).  It was a brilliant weekend.  Helen, Tash & I were all not feeling great before hand but we all got PBs! And there were a lot of hills! Loved it and loved the spa day the next day.

5: Rail to Trail West 2016: Mud. Mud. Mud. And a bit of snow.  Damn this one was tough.  It was a horrible mud that was like trying to stay upright on an ice rink which made it really difficult to run.  I finished second to last and felt rubbish.  But I made it- lots of people dropped at half way.

6: Brighton Marathon 2016: I had a brilliant first half and had put too much pressure on myself about time (despite in the whole build up not having a time in mind- silly brain went to time in the starting pen).  The second half was tough, it was hot & the bit around the industrial estate is horrid! Crowds along sea front were great though.

7: Cranleigh Marathon 2016: I signed up for this one 3 days before.  It was the hottest day of the year and on trails around the boundary of Cranleigh.  I loved it! Did some walking and paused at the tables to chat to volunteers and re-fuel.  Tash & I ran together & had a fabulous day.

8: Race to the King 2016: I did the Marathon distance on Day 1 (as Race to the Stones 100k build up).  I loved the route, the atmosphere, the organisation…actually why aren’t I doing it this year?  I found out I was second lady the next day too! Amazing (although am not speedy….lots were doing the double marathon).

9: Beachy head 2016: A crazy hill to start. Comedy fog for the 1st half so laughed at all those that said “enjoy the views”.  Once the fog cleared it was beautiful.  It was tough but I loved it- I can see why people go back year after year & I would if I wasn’t doing a different race on that weekend already.  I expect I’ll be back next year.

10: Nepal Marathon 2016: Epic. Beautiful. Stunning.  This was an incredible experience.  We helped lay water pipe to a local village for a few days before staying in the mountains.  I got up one day for yoga on the mountainside with mist rolling across the hills- it was spectacular.  The marathon was tough but I loved it.  So much more than a marathon.  I’d definitely do another like this & would highly recommend an Impact Marathon (or similar).

11: Barcelona 2017: A wonderful weekend in sunny Barcelona.  It was hot & sunny- perfect for me.  I really enjoyed it.  My stomach didn’t feel great so not as fast as I would have liked but it was a stunning route.  One I would definitely recommend.

12: London 2017: I was Reebok Ambassador and got trainers, kit & a coach.  It was awesome.  I trained really hard for a sub-4 but was really ill 2 days before the marathon but somehow made the start.  I had a great first half, feeling great and on time target but felt pretty ill after half way.  I realised I just wanted to finish so walked a lot and enjoyed the crowds & managed a sub-5.  I was happy to finish & get the medal & awesome tshirt this year.  I love London marathon & would do it every year if only I could get in every year.


(Kaya Smith, John Kennedy, Baz Tavener, Clare Gallagher)

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