The Shoe Dilemma 2015…

The Shoe Dilemma 2015…

Now I am not going to say the Shoe Dilemma 2015 is over but in the ON Cloudrunners at Hampstead Heath Parkun I just clocked my fastest average time since I destroyed my 10K and half marathon personal bests at Eton Dorney, and only 9 seconds slower than then and, according to Nike+, my equal 10th fastest average run time of all time in what is my 150th run.

Yeah, so with a couple of laps taking in the hill I am pretty happy with that. I walked at the top of it for about 10 yards but then continued.


Does this mean this is my shoe for the Berlin and Swiss City Marathons? No, no there is nothing conclusive here. I was happy running in them, they have just enough bounce in the soles to get me moving quickly and they are super light, perhaps the lightest of all my shoes. I did end up with numb big toes on both feet but that could be put down to still having the original lacing from when I bought them, a hilly course, and having only run in them once, maybe twice before and so didn’t know how to run in them? Maybe I plonked my trotters down on the ground more than normal.
So all in all not a bad Parkrun, my third, although they didn’t score my second one as their timing chip bar code wouldn’t scan. Will run midweek with the new New Balance foam Zante, and then Parkun next weekend before…


and then…
my 3rd Year of running anniversary run….

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