@NikeSupport still clutching at straws…

NikePlus is still NikeMinus as far as I am concerned. While I now do have all the stats I want (PB for the 10K, 1k, 5K, mile, furthest distance, longest time) there is a discrepancy between the three devices:

  1. the iPhone app shows me my 10K YAY! it shows the correct furthest run, longest time and 5K time. HOWEVER it shows the wrong mile and kilometer time because the PBs are wrong, as per the diagram below.
  2. the website shows everything correctly but does not give me my 10K time. If it did I would just use that, as it is correct in all the data it shows.
  3. the iPod application shows no PBs at all because I have just restored it. I am keeping fingers crossed that it will be fixed next time I run and will store all the records from then on. ALTHOUGH I doubt it.

@NikeSupport have made me restore the iPod, which I did.  They made me uninstall and resinstall the phone application, which I did. I sent them the above diagram that shows them how the error manifests itself and even found the exact entry that is wrong. HOPEFULLY, for the love of God, that will be enough for them to find the bug.

On a personal note though, I can go ahead with Septembers challenge with the boys, and maybe others. With a combination of the phone, and website a clear picture is available. You just need to take the lowest times.

Also, looking at the problem, all I need to do is sprint a mile in less than 8:20 and a kilometer less than 4:57 and all the problems wills go away and the new PBs will overwrite in both the phone and the site.

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