Injuries Suck…

It was an inevitability. Sooner or later I was going to get injured. I always kept my fingers crossed that it would be a) a minor injury and b) not during a time when I have races. But yes, it has finally happened.

I have been running, as you know, increasing speed and stamina, distance and my love for the sport. I have also been completing Adrian James’ 6 Pack Abs workout daily to strengthen those ever-needed core muscles.

About a week ago there was a twang as I did these and since then have had a dull ache in the lower right side of my abdomen inside the hip, heading towards what can conservatively be known as “The Fun Factory.”

Hernia! My previously hypochondria suffering mind screamed, and immediately brought up images of constricted and twisted intestines ripped through my muscle walls, turning blue, and killing me with septicaemia.

I have, of course, calmed down, have gotten over the initial panic of dying and am now taking it easy. I am away in Saxony, I have my feet up and am not even considering the merest possibility of running or working out before I get home in a weeks time.

I have my next race on the 2nd September, the Great Yorkshire 10K sponsored by BUPA, and will not run again until the 22nd August. This should be enough time for me to recover from a mild groin strain. No over-exertion, not lifting heavy objects and none of my beloved running. Which is a shame as I just got a pair of these for virtually nothing…

The Nike Air Zoom Vomero, and I am itching to try them out.

I got them half a size larger than my other running shoes as I want to try them with my Dr Foot insoles to see if this makes my gait any better and my run smoother.

The only downsides being a) they are not Nike+ so I need to use a little clip-on pouch to connect the Nike+ transponder to them and b) I am injured!!

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