2014 Race Calendar To Do

I do not want to waste money on races that I have not taken part in. Last year I had 11 DNSs, including the Les Hutton deferral because of weather. So 10 of the 31 races from 2013 I did not finish and I feel bad about that. This year I want to be more…

28/07/2013 supplemental

The Orange Appeal 10K Obligatory Race Photo…This is the photo that made me start the paleo diet with the aim to lose 30 pounds. A big fat lump in Orange


The Inaugural @RunnersKnees #virtual10miler… The lineup LavenderParkingHyediiEat_IRunLee_nixonheidis787ChrisWardropemockjoggermedalslutfehrtradewalkersRPKelsG7Runnermommy2008paulrunslongmarathongrl7110marathonsJefRunsamyebrown77hoke_73boblikethebirdsarahs_scribbleChiltonDivaalwysrunnenPaineAliairlie_bird


I haven’t raced this year. It is such a shame, and it has been getting me down. First, I had the flu which took out the first two weeks of January including the Bromley 10K. Then the Les Whitton 10 Miler in Dartford, Kent was cancelled due to weather. I bailed on the next two…

26/10/2012 Additional

1.So I have a cold. 2. I double booked myself on the 3rd March next year for the Silverstone Half and the Paris Half. I know which one I’d rather run. 3. I am going to Dublin this weekend but I am not running. There is actually a chance none of us are running. If…


Inspiration… I always admit that my reason for running is purely selfish. I run because I want to achieve, I want to be well, I want to challenge myself. I would ordinarily profess that, as my motivation is self-centred that I do not find inspiration in others and, for the most part this is true. Athletes…


Today my shin was a little sore, my knee was a little sore, and I woke at 6am. I haven’t trained because of my acute tendinitis and MCL injury and my toe pain. But the Royal Parks Half marathon, my first half marathon, is a week away so I needed to push myself. And so I did….

09/09/2012 Final

I just signed up for the http://www.thefixevents.com/content/the-10k-morun-greenwich-park-london-2012/ MORun (for the Movember prostate cancer charity). Bring it on!


The BUPA Great Yorkshire Run Sheffield race pack is here. I am ready.