Race Review – Chase the Sun Wimbledon

Underground, overground, never a Womble medal for me. I have somehow missed out on the famous Womble medal for 6 years now. despite running Runthrough events at Tatton Park, Hyde Park, Greenwich Park (twice), Victoria Park (twice), the Olympic Cyclopark (twice), Brixton, Herts, Battersea Park, and their first ever event at Bushy Park. 13 medals in all hang on the rack as I have also run their Chase the Sun Clapham and Hyde Park events. Clapham as part of my comeback after Comrades, and Hyde Park a few months ago with Andriana and Caroline.

Wimbledon, however, has not been a happy hunting ground for me. My first attempt at a race there, the Transcendence 10K back in 2015, I got completely lost and ended up missing the race. The last, the Craft Half with Melissa, Lew and Whiffers, ended way with no medal. Just a shitty pint glass. Shocking. And so I am looking to this, the Runthrough Chase the Sun Wimbledon to put those demons to bed before I jet off to South Africa for a well earned rest.

Joining on this expedition would be Simon and Caroline, Sarah, Becs and Sally. And I am looking forward to it inasmuch as my lungs are almost back to normal. The convulsive coughing is now limited to half a dozen times a day triggered by getting out of breath, fizzy drinks, and dairy. So I shall try to limit interactions with those as the meds take their sweet ass time fixing my happy lungs.

The Route

This was around Canezarro Park, one lap for the 5K and two for the 10. I was undecided going into this and thought I would just keep Caroline company on her way to Chicago Marathon. It would be about 10 mins off my normal 5K but my lungs would be ok with that. The route is on trail, mud, mulchy mud, or stone paths. No pavement to speak of. And it would be car free.

How I did

This was all very relaxed. Sarah and I ran together talking the whole way around, before being joined by Caroline a couple of K in. Pace was relaxed enough that we could chat the whole way around, and moved around a bit so two were always together chatting, whilst one took the lead, or dropped back. My aim beforehand was to get the Womble medal, and a Womble photo. When we turned onto the final straight I saw the Womble but he was busy laying on the floor posing… so I gave him the Vs.

And then we were done, or rather, some of us did. As we ran to the line I slowed down to let Caroline catch up so we could cross over the line together and Sarah was off for a second lap. LOL. She wanted the 10K and it was a good night to run it. It was cool, and the sun was up for another half hour.

The Bling

Unique as always, I got the damned Womble medal. They change it every time. I got Wellington.

In Summary

It is always great to see the ladies and I do love a Runthrough event. I am a fan. Always good to catch up with them all and Matty Wood. Am very proud of Caroline for how well she is doing. And I am always happy to run with her and Sarah. I was comfy, running with a nice easy 34 minute 5K. I got my Womble medal. I got my Womble photo. I can draw a line under all that.  And now I am Wimble-done.


One Comment Add yours

  1. charliesbird says:

    Cool one! Enjoy the trip to my sunny land! Hope the run here will be great!


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