Obligatory Race Photos – The RB Hull Marathon

Ordinarily for a race I just post the race photos a couple of days later. With the debacle of Hull Marathon that is not possible. At the moment we have the following links – the photos are not in one place, and niot tagged. So to find if you are in a set of photos you need to look at every single damned one. Can you imagine how angry this is making me?

and now we have a page that is supposed to be a collation of the above but is so obviously not that it is not fit for purpose.

The RD did send a message “There are several more albums still to be added. The medal images are downloading on my laptop as we speak to then upload. Also there are 1,300 photos of the kcom 100. Once all photo’s are uploaded we’ll do another email.”

So, other than the photos from Colin in the KCOM Stadium, and those I took myself I have given up, and have the following as my Hull Marathon Race Photos…

A photo from David Trowell that he had copyrighted and photoshopped on his page, that when they were released for free he removed all the photoshopping of colour and light balancing, so was so bright I had to apply filters to get it to this state.

This one from Ellie something of the park where the relay point was I think.

And this one from an unknown set around Hull somewhere. Not sure where. And this one, of the near finish of me talking to the limping guy.

And these with the old bling.

It does look like the volunteers/amateurs got bored and only photographed the first hour of runners, as many of the very limited albums don’t include the full race. I will add to this post IF I get any more. I am resigned to no finish line photo, as looking at the photos from the stadium, one of the guys couldn’t even focus on the runners, they are blurred and the background is in focus. Clearly first day on the job. But the posed photo with the medal. COME ON! WHY IS THIS SUCH A FUCK UP?


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