Our Marathons in a Nutshell – The Katzenjammers

This week, to continue my series Marathons in a nutsell, a growing number of posts where #UKRUNCHAT runners describe their marathons in easy to manage, bite sized chunks, I turn to my wonderful London crowd the Katzenjammers (for reasons that will not become abundantly clear in this piece).

You will know the four “couples most likely to couple” as @kennedy107 @baztav @kythespy and @Foggy125 who posed me the interesting editorial conundrum of how to show their marathons as they have kinda run the same races but… um… not. You will see. Anyway, please follow the aforementioned twitterati, and enjoy. PS. I knew I should have Venn Diagrammed this shit.


JK My first Marathon,Brighton has special memories from childhood for most Londoners and now will always mean my first marathon,no sleep the night before,stag do and a blow- up sheep,don’t ask.The crowds were brilliant I blew up at 20 miles,ran walked the final 6 to get round in 4:34,great weekend,great friends vowed I would be back.

BAZ My first marathon. Had done a lot of my training in Brighton as had been living nearby, started well had been taking it steady got to around 20miles and got a stitch was the longest 6miles from there on especially in the industrial estate. Finished that’s the main thing. Great crowds love Brighton


JK Love running by the coast and this is a lovely course, it’s a bit mean to run the field through the finish line at 17 miles and up a HUGE hill but the views made me forgive them.Better prepared this time and got round in my PB at the time 4:16,loved the views,few people complain about running through the finish but I would recommend the day. My partner in crime had to leave on Sunday,I got left with an amorous B&B landlady but that’s another story

BAZ Me and my running drinking partner in crime @Kennedy107 had over done in the September/October. so by the time  this race come around, we were struggling. A warm day I think I got about 10miles knowing it was Going to be a struggle on tired legs, thankfully met a fellow runner and helped each other along, another great seaside run which I would recommend barring the hills at 12 and 17miles.


JK Springtime in Paris,my first marathon abroad and first freakily Hot weathered one. Well organised expo and a bit of sightseeing on Sat before the big day,the start at the Arc De Triomphe is amazing,downhill along the Champs Eleysee I went off to fast in that heat and was soaked in sweat by the first drinks station at the Bastille,the crowds were 5 deep here and epic. The sights of Paris keep coming atcha and you do realise why it’s one of the most beautiful city’s in the world.Got round in 4:24 which I was pleased in the heat.The after party that night is stuff of legend,a huge runchat crew partied into the night,people who were there have become friends for life,would I recommend Paris, hell yeah what you waiting for

BAZ First marathon abroad with a fair few of the Ukrunchat crew. We’d stayed 7 stops on the French metro from the start and very easy to get around, with bag drop being quick and simple . Race day was a very warm day around the sights of Paris; Eiffel Tower,  champs Elysees and Bastille to name but a few. Plenty of water, fruits, isotonic drink and sugar cubes along the way. Enjoyable race Barring the three road tunnels they send you through.


BAZ Two weeks after Paris I ran Brighton again, was back for a 2nd time and my girlfriend Kaya got a last min place so I decided to run it with her. Good to finish it together hand In hand.

KAYA The last minute place 1st Marathon! Way under trained (after only ever doing 3 halfs and a handful of 10ks) but mentally strong minded. Emotionally happy the whole way round shouting “I’m running a marathon” throughout.  running loved every mile, crowd were great, plenty of water. Out and back to the marina was the only part I disliked about the course.With Baz by my side throughout, I’ve done it, I’m a member of the 1% club!! Ouch my ankles hurt!

LONDON 2016 (JK)

JK Paris was booked for months and then I got a place in London through work so 3 weeks later I lined up in Greenwich Park with the other 8 million runners. My home town a race and day I shall never forget,the crowds are off the scale,I heard go on JK everywhere,my mum and daughter were on the embankment at 23 miles,the JK dark shades were down with tears streaming with pride for the last 3 miles. A day I shall never forget.


JK A weekend away with the running crew,German efficiency everywhere in the organisation and at the expo,huge field and huge crowds again,I got off to a flyer and settled in to a rhythm feeling good at half way,was with the 4:00 HR pacer till at least 22 miles,just faded slightly at the end but carried on to my current PB 4:09 I loved Berlin the city and the race is amazing,as you turn a corner and see the Brandenburg Gate in front of you I got a hug off a complete stranger,German fella in tears,could of seen his mum and daughter. Would I recommend Berlin-of course.

BAZ My favourite city, Came here in 2007/8 for New Years and loved the place. So to have the opportunity to run it again and being one of the marathon majors was fantastic. A fast flat course where the current world record is held, really recommend if you can get in through the ballot.


JK I told you I’d be back, dinner with UKRUNCHAT legends inc RunnersKnees, Audreybubbles, Katie Stanton, Kev from MK and Big Carl. It was my first with new partner Clare in support crew, pink socks sssshhhhhhhh, an almost perfect weekend,apart from the hottest April day in the UK since time began,beers were had after,the sunburn went away the memories won’t ❤️ Brighton Marathon

CLARE 1st marathon. 26.2 is longer than I thought it would be. Never going to run again.


JK The Paris 16 crew reunited for a booze up and a marathon in Luxembourg,The ING Luxembourg night marathon,recommended by running legend Mr Runners Knees,what could possibly go wrong,opening the door of the aeroplane was like opening the gates of Mercury,a freak heatwave over Central Europe. The expo was ace the flights cheap as chips,hotels really reasonable as well but at marathon kick off time the temp was 31*,the rest is a heat haze of trying not to die,the most relieved I’ve ever been to see a finish line,sun cream,sweat constantly running in your eyes,gallons and gallons of water swishing around in your stomach,first time nipple carnage,the end was a mixture of bodily fluids and sun cream. Got pissed with the crew next day tho. Get yourself a place,maybe look at the weather forecast

KAYA 1st international race and also night marathon. Hot was definitely the theme of this one ! (30c at the 7pm start)lack of water for 1st 6k didn’t help. Thoughts of “I can’t do this. I’m cutting out at halfway” flooded my thoughts as I became separated from Baz. Picked up at 8k by Rachel, “run when you can, walk when you can’t, crawl if you must” became the mantra. We’re not cutting out, we’re crawling over that line if we must! Locals were great, hosing us down, cheering and singing. Plenty of water, fruit and coke after 6k. Hilly, very hilly with the Last 2k was like a war zone. Sticking with our run/walk combo, we stuck to our word and crawled over that line. Toughest race ever!


BAZ The best marathon in the world apparently!! Being a London boy and given the chance to run it through a Competition by Lucozade Sport. Was nice to say l’ve run it but not the best race in my opinion; too crowded and just didn’t really enjoy it.

CLARE Ballot place. Fantastic support. Loved every minute of it. Can’t wait to run another marathon.




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