My Marathons in a Nutshell – Lee Kemp

Brighton marathon 2016

A great marathon and my first in 2016. I was running for a charity called Chestnut Tree House Hospice who were a great support. I really enjoyed it, was mainly flat with the odd big hill. The tough part was out to the power station where there is no support no crowds. Water in cups I found hard taking on but apart from that I found it very good nice bling.

Northants Shires and Spires 2016 Ultra

My first ultra marathon at 35 miles. I really enjoyed this as my first one. A great route, loads of aid stations, and  a very scenic route. It was very well organised,  mixed terrain and the medal was a great piece of bling. I would recommend this as a first ultra marathon.

South Downs Marathon 2016

This marathon was a tough course,  very hilly but a great challenge. Great aid stations to keep me fueled and a very scenic route up on the downs. A great goody bag at the end and the medal was ok but not my best.

Beachy Head 2016

Was great to see Darren (RunnersKnees) and Jenni (_Jen_Mo) at the start. It starts on a big hill. A very tough course. At one point I wasn’t able to see in front of me due to it being so foggy. The aid stations were far apart and it’s hill after hill. The bling wasn’t great but if you like a hilly course this one’s a good one.

Portsmouth coastal Marathon 2016

I really enjoyed this one. It is a lovely and flat course, well organised and still my marathon PB to this day. Great aid stations and it was lovely running along the coastal path. The medal is the biggest medal I’ve ever seen and great course if you’re after a quick time.

DarkStar River Marathon

This is part of a series of 4 medals, It is a Sussex Trail Events race so local-ish for me. It’s a run along the river and back, and a little bit further than a marathon. They added a bit on to it. It has the biggest fuel station I’ve ever seen. SO MUCH FOOD! Overall it was very organised and great bling.

Limassol Marathon 2017

My first race abroad has to be one of my fave races I’ve done. So many runners from UKRUNCHAT. The course I found challenging in the heat and it’s the warmest marathon I’ve done. It was well organised and stunning along Limassol beach. I would highly recommend and will be doing it again next year.

Manchester Marathon 2017

This was a great marathon, very well organised, great crowd support, lovely and flat. It has great PB potential. There are loads of water stations and it is again one of my favourite marathons and another one I will be doing in 2018 for a second time.

Brighton Marathon 2017

Talking of races I have done more than one, 2017 was the second time I ran Brighton Marathon. I got a charity place again I came first for my charity. The problems with the cups and water persist but apart from that was it was okay.

Fox Ultra 60KM 2017 

This was an AAT event. They have loads of Surrey based events and this was the first time I was doing this ultra. It was my furthest distance so far and I really enjoyed it. There are a few steep bits and it is a very scenic route. I would do it again as I really enjoyed it.

Weald Challenge 50km

I was recommend this event as its part of my training runs as it’s local and I really enjoyed it. Some nice steep bits, loads of stiles and lovely through Ashdown forest. It was a lovely day the medal and tea mug were a great memento. I would do this again.

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  1. Running Fish says:

    Thinking of doing Manchester next year myself. Did it in 2015 and the course was measured short so have some unfinished business.


    1. runnersknees says:

      Go for it, Dan. I didn’t really have a problem with Manchester. Water tables were a bit samey, race village had all and sundry there, and the bag drop was a clucterfuck, but the rest was good.


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