Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Balega Street?


As I was running through London the other day I spied a B, an A on the Europe Arab Bank, L on a DHL van, an E on the Bank of England Museum, G on grating by the Barbican, an A on a sign at Smithfield Market. You can find B-A-L-E-G-A out on your run, you just need to look.




And so, I thought, let’s have a competition, shall we? So, to win 5 pairs of awesome Balega running socks, and maybe other goodies thrown in too I want you to go out on your run, and when you do find Balega in the street. Find the letters you need and put together a sign for BALEGA STREET.  And once you do enter via Twitter or Instagram.


Ts and Cs

Entry open to all runners

Entry will take form of either an Instagram or Tweet including the BALEGA STREET collage, the hashtag #BALEGASTREET and tagging me (RunnersKnees and Balega)

There will be one winner, who will be announced and contacted on 1st July

The prize will be 5 pairs of Balega running socks and Balega Visor

You can enter as many times as you wish. The winner be chosen based on aesthetic and originality.



UltraLight2 Ultralight WomensEnduroLowCut2 blister resist_green blister resist_pink


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