Race Review: RunThrough Hyde Park 10K

So it is finally here, the race that brings up the 100th bling since I took up running. It could have come earlier. I had signed up for 100 Miles in March but with a trip to the US I didn’t make it. It did mean that the Manchester Marathon would be my 100th medal until I then saw that the lovely people at RunThrough had a Hyde Park 10K and who was I to say no? After all, despite the Serpies, Hyde Park is quite a nice park, no?


The Route

The route would be a couple of laps from the bandstand (a popular starting point at any London park – Victoria, Battersea) on the nice flat and well paved paths, looping back to the Serpentine.


How I did?

I covered a lot of ground the day before in marathon training, so this was not going to be record breaking. I arrived well ahead of time but things were not good in the world of RunnersKnees. I injured my neck (undiagnosed disc bulge according to WebMD LOL) just before Brighton half and needed to be taped up to get through it.  I did though and mashed it to a PB. But it was then made worse at, of all places, The Shrek Adventure a fortnight later before the Dartford half. Yes? Really, really.


And then on Thursday I wrenched my back and haven’t really been able to sleep. So I feel a little like this…


Still sleeplessness and back and neck pain combined with exhaustion wasn’t going to stop me. Stop me? No. But I did consider walking at 5K, 8K, and 9K, especially at a huge pool by a cafe that you had to vault. But I didn’t and bam! A decent enough time, slowest of the year at 54 mins and… wait for it… wait for it….


Medal 100! In 3 years, 11 months and 9 days. My fifth or sixth RunThrough medal including their first, so it is quite apt I went for it. The hundred is up.


 And how do 100 medals look?


Kinda proud of that. Thanks to all the people who helped me, inspired me and carried me when I was weak, lifted me up when I was down and gave me the strength needed. And to the RunThrough team for such awesome races.


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