The Mother’s Day Sock Draw


A few weeks ago as I bimbled my way around on a typically lazy Sunday LSR it occurred to me that if I drew a route around the edge of Regents Park and Primrose Hill it kind of resembled a cartoon character. I tracked via my GPS watch and although I thought it would be Baymax or Winnie the Pooh, with a little bit of inspiration from the Twitter community, it all became very clear that it was OogieBoogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Good Spot @GoDizzyGo

Inspired a little I looked online and found that loads of people had drawn Stormtroopers and Darth Vader, and Thanksgiving Turkeys, a giraffe, flowers, and even a marriage proposal using a GPS tracker. What a brilliant idea, I thought, let’s make a competition out of it!

Artistry from Strava Cyclist @StephenLund1

So in honour of the upcoming Mother’s Day in the UK and my appointment as an Impi for Balega I am running a competition for two of you to win 3 pairs of awesome running socks; a pair of the Enduro VTech Quarter, the Hidden Contour, and the Ultralight No Show.

You know you want them!

The Simple Rules

  1. Using your tracking functionality, be it Nike+ or Strava or GarminConnect, draw a picture of anything you like with your run route, and date stamp it so we know you did it and didn’t just nab it from the internet. CHANGE: YOU CAN JUST SHARE YOUR ROUTE. The artier the better though, my mum has a Masters in Fine Art.
  2. You have until Mother’s Day,  6th March to submit as many entries as you like via Twitter using the hashtag #balegadraw and tag me @RunnersKnees so I can keep track.
  3. Limited, I am sorry to say, to only UK and Rep of Ireland residents.

And, in true honour of Mother’s Day my dear old mum (MummasKnees) will be judging  and picking the two winners, who will receive the socks directly from Balega. So go get creative, my beautiful people, you are out there running anyway, so share your route, and if you can, draw a flower, a pair of socks, but please, my mother is judging the entries and picking the two winners so behave yourself.

Good Luck, Everyone!


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