Product Review: ODO ReVamp and RePel


I do love freebies. Who am I to turn them down if someone wants me to try their product(s)? I will not say they are any good if they are not. I have received products before that were not for me. I reviewed the Brooks Adrenaline GTS16s but they aren’t for me. IRUNBOX? It didn’t have handles. Now, Runderwear and Chafree I loved. And the Karkoa backpack was wonderful. I can be positive, honestly. And so to two products by ODO; Revamp (£4.99) and Repel (£5.99), a trainer cleaner and protector respectively.

Shall we begin?

I do not run trails. My Cloudracers are for concrete and asphalt, however it is the winter and so the paths through London’s park are muddied up by walkers, junior football, parkrun and horses. And so the brilliant off white, and fluorescent green On Cloudracers are a little mucky. How dirty did they get before I started the cleansing process? Let me show you.

20160123_164259 20160123_164248 20160123_164215

Ok, so I can already hear the trail runners moaning. “That’s not even muddy!”


This is muddy for me, until my first trail ultra in July. And then it will be a whole new ballgame. But I digress. There is some mud on the shoes.


Following the advice on the pump dispenser I removed my inner soles. There is a cube shaped sponge that comes with the dispenser. I found I needed more squirts that the recommended 3 after wetting it and then pushed the foam through the shoes from inside out through the material.


You are then supposed to use the sponge along with the product to clean the trainers. I used extensive amounts of it to do this using the sponge. The sponge was nicely removing all the dirt. It was clear this was getting the shoes clean, but not to the level of brilliance of new. We shall see when they dry out.

And so to REPEL. The second product.


This is highly flammable, which always worries me, I mean, what if I run so fast my shoes catch on fire?

The Results

The shoes are clean for sure, not brilliantly so, or like new, they are not going to be able to be seen from space but they are most definitely clean. And as for the smell? Do they smell? No, not at all.


Am I happy? For sure. I like these products. They are pretty good. I am excited by how clean my shoes are?

Apologies. Got a little excited there.

These products are pretty good. I have as yet to prove the shoe protector but it is supposed to give them a waterproofed layer.  I will let you know tomorrow. So far a solid thumbs up for ODO. Will update on how I go.

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