The Rehab Diary

This could have gone far worse, and I am trying to be thankful for small mercies but it hard when all you want to do is run. Post Berlin my knee developed issues in the MCL area and I could not run, but not thanks to the knee, thanks to a chest cold. After a fortnight of feeling dreadful I ran the Petts Wood 10K, with the knee pain and managed to get around in 56 minutes without stopping. I got another cold, another two weeks out and yesterday I travelled all the way to leafy Cambridge for the Town and Gown 10K. Another run in pain, but this time the pain slowed me down to a walk (thrice). Although somehow I got around in 56 minutes again.
Something is more serious with the knee now and I have already cancelled the two races this weekend, and perhaps the rest of the years small group of 10Ks and 5Ks. I have a huge calendar or marathons next year, I am definitely running Manchester, Copenhagen and Gloucester, I am in the Berlin ballot, but also have Cape Town as an option. It could be a huge year for me. But first I need to get fit, and I am willing to sacrifice the rest of the race calendar to be 100% again.
So to stop me going a little mad, or a little madder I am going to keep a diary of remedies, treatments, exercises and how I feel, and how effective they are to see what works best for me. It is not a one size fits all deal, but it is certainly a way that I can share what I am going through.
This can go one of two ways, either Adrian Mole or 28 Days Later. Here goes. Started the day with K-Tape in the normal tendinitis shape.
Did not do me any good at all, so then switched to a fabric Ace bandage. Applied Ice Pack, applied hot water bottle. Elevated it in bed. Managed to get to sleep.
Woke in the middle of the night with my calf swollen and knee in pain. Took off bandage and just elevated it.
Conslusions: Do not sleep in bandage for one, and the ice then heat combination to stop what is known as the pain spiral didn’t really do anything either. Definitely needs support.
2 x Ibuprofen and the Patella exposed neoprene knee support for a day of work. This sucker was under my work trousers all day. Luckily I did not need to move around too much. Still I ended in a bit of pain, and walking straight legged to get from A to B. So changed it when home.
Ended the day with this one on instead, rest, elevation and two more Ibuprofen.

Sticking with the blue LP tendinitis brace for a second day. And now have 6 pages of exercises to get full motion in all the joints and strengthen the muscles around the knee. I need to focus on strengthening as well as the repair.


Back with the white ACE bandage and knee not happy with being at work. Or maybe that is me not being happy about being at work. Work out that my chair is at just the wrong height for the knee to be rested comfortably. Getting up and sitting down hurts it. I am no longer limping, which is a bonus as I no longer look like Herr Flick from Allo Allo when I move around the office, but do have more discomfort.

Hosted the #ukrunchat hour, which I do love to do. Lots of talking about running is no substitute for running though.


LP brace back on again and second day of the exercises. 6 pages plus a page of resistant band work. It takes a while as, with repetitions (up to 30) and timed exercises and stretches (30 seconds each leg) it does add up.

Also, managed to give away the race number for the weekend. I do hate when a bib goes to waste.

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