A few things have happened…

A few things have happened….

First I ran the RunThrough Battersea 10K and got a PB. That was pretty cool. And yesterday the photos were out. Although looking at it, it doesn’t look like I was pacing towards a 23 second PB. Ah well.
A new Virtual Run from the Hogwarts Running Club appeared on Sunday too and I posted a photo of the bling on Twitter around #ukrunchat hour. This caused a bit of a stir, as we really don’t have anything like this in the UK, and for rest of the evening I was repeating where to find this race, how to sign up etc etc. Not that I mind. If the club make such wonderful medals and t-shirts then I am happy to drum up business, after all, it is not like they are the Club that Can’t be Named… Booooo……Evil….. Serpies.
My number is already printed and ready too.
And I will be running for Hufflepuff, or #teampotato as I am labelling them.
 The next that happened is… well… let me show you and then we shall discuss.
The photos from the Paul Roberts photo shoot are now being used in Running Bug campaigns and two have already appeared that involve yours truly. The first I am not too sure about but it did raise a laugh or two. So my knee lifts climbing Primrose Hill are being used to ask ARE YOU FIT FOR YOUR AGE? I did the test too and my score was FIT AS A FIDDLE.
A second photo has been spotted too, leading to a link for core exercises. And yes I was doing a sit up. Thank God Paul didn’t offer up one of the photos where my top was rising up and my belly showing.
And finally the next training plan is here. 4 more weeks of fun and frolics in the London skyline with up to 32K runs and 3 10K races. Yay!
 That is all.

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