Marathon training back on track

Marathon training back on track (pun intended)….

I have had a few ups and down when it comes to the training for Berlin. After races, and I deliberately booked myself on less this year, I am beaten for a few days. After going for it (as much as I go for it) for Sunday 10Ks my poor legs are not really in the mood for a 10K hill session on the Tuesday, or a Thursday 10K with a set of sprints, however I know I must persevere.
My training plan has gone a bit wrong of late.
After last Tuesday’s 10K Fartlek I was not feeling Thursday which was a mistake (so didn’t run it), along with a bit of a beer session on Friday it meant that Park Run the day before the Great Run Newham at the Olympic stadium was an unmitigated disaster (DNF!). It was a DNF! My first ever in just over 3 years running. A DNF. A DN effing F! I got about 2K in and started cramping in both calves, I tried to run/walk it off for 500 yards but maranoia and one eye on the next day caused me to bail and limp home.
Now I can finally wear this…
The Great Newham race was a good one though, ate right, hydrated properly and finished strong, but it was only the 10K as I then had a #ukrunchat tweet up after. No 27K for me, I shall save that for Sunday. Then Tuesday, again after a race I didn’t fancy the 10K with hills in the plan so didn’t run it.
Last night (Wednesday 21st), after something as pathetic as asking twitter whether I should try to catch up on runs I missed or just keep going with the plan and run next on Thursday, the guilt of the aforementioned overwhelmed me and I just went out. I had no real expectations and expected just an easy, slow run, maybe 5K but somehow.
I was a stiff as a board but I got 10K done and looking at the splits there was a few 5 min KMs there mixed with the uber slow 8s. And I tell you what, I am glad I ignored the advice of just waiting for the next planned run as after 1. last Thursdays bail, 2. Parkrun DNF, 3. Sundays lack of distance and 4. missing this Tuesday too I needed to get out, I needed those miles and I am glad I did.
I need to do the same tonight. Here’s hoping. Sunday has 21 EASY but I am planning on the longest distance I have ever run. We shall see.
Happy running yáll

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