Another terrible Tuesday 10

Another terrible Tuesday 10 after an awesome LSD Sunday or…

The Only Good thing about that run is it’s over

Maybe it will be the shape of my Berlin marathon training to come but I really HOPE NOT! But after such a wonderful LSD on Sunday, when 25 KM of London’s finest parkways were pounded effortlessly today, Tuesday, my 10 KM Easy sucked ass. I mean really I was in pieces.
True, it could have been worse, I skipped ahead a week when reading my training plan and thought I had hill repeats to do. So I suppose there is some sort of silver lining in this cloud above my running.
When this happened last time, and Sunday was awesome and Tuesday sucked, by Wednesday my legs had fully recovered and I blitzed that weekends Parkrun. This could be good as this weekend I do not have parkrun, instead I am taking part in a London Running photoshoot before a pub lunch with friends and Sunday’s British 10K. So perhaps todays pain will push me forward and I will blitz the race. Here’s hoping.

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