75 Degrees and 70% humidity

75 Degrees and 70% humidity or…

Park Run PBs can wait…

Back training on Thursday after a few days off has given me the hunger again. Today I really wanted to smash my Park Run PB but again the heat and humidity was a factor. A lot of orange and red in the map shows an amble more than anything.



I was also trying new music, in fact the Running Bug 10 songs to make you go faster. Although I have to disagree with a least a couple of them, and Born to Run is arguably one of the worst running songs. It has a low BPM, mumbling lyrics. The sort of person who puts Born to Run in a running playlist either googled songs with the word Run in the title, is deaf, or just knows the chorus. Delete!
And so this Parkrun was part of the Virtual Runner races for me, in fact the SRC 5K was completed today. So, a medal for a hot Saturday.
Tomorrow the training plan has 24KM on it, although I am aiming for 25KM just to up my longest run ever stat. See you on the other side.

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