Back on the Road Movie to Berlin

Back on the Road Movie to Berlin or…


Oh the Sun has got his hate on (yes, I meant hate)
It has been sehr heiss in England. So hot in fact that I bailed on Tuesdays planned 10K tempo run, and had to postpone it on Wednesday too as everyone felt they were melting like the Nazis at the end of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc it was so hot. It meant I was itching to run. It also meant that I ended up signing up for two more races to make myself feel better. So now the Teach First (urgh!) Run the River 10K and the Movember Battersea runs are on the calendar. There is a little history with both, as this will be my 4th Movember in a row, having run one of their Mo Running events each year I’ve been running, and I missed the Run the River last year as I was beaten after the Reigate half 2 days before and couldn’t run. So, more closure on one of my DNSs. I like that.
Thursday was quite hot  but still I forced myself out to complete an Easy 10K.
I was pretty happy with this despite the heat, I warmed up around the 4K mark and ambled around the park, avoiding the machine gun toting police and crowds of party-goers at the US Ambassadors residence and not stopping at the well positioned fountains on my route, even though I had my Salomon Soft Cup with me.
There were 3 sprints in the run too, around the 2K mark. I ran 3 laps of the Primrose track, upping speed for the first half of the lap before dropping back to a jog for the rest and then repeating it.

It meant my slow and easy wasn’t as slow and easy at it was supposed to be but I am okay with that. This is, after all, a process and I have a plan I am sticking to for the most part. Berlin is 13 and a bit weeks away and this was week 3 of my training. I am confident in my trainer Beth’s plan and know that I do as much of it as I can I will be ok at the marathon.

I am eager to see how I fair at Park Run with all this extra effort I am putting in, which is up next.

In Other News…

In other news I may have mentioned I was gifted an entry at the Great Newham Run, which used to be the Anniversary Run, at the Olympic Stadium. I was not planning to run it this year but you cannot look a gift horse in the mouth and I accepted gladly and signed up.
What I didn’t know, in fact two other twitter people and I didn’t know, was that this meant we are ambassadors for the races for which we were given entry. I was emailed by Thomas at Mens Running to explain this, although he thought I knew, thought I had my race pack early etc. Which, of course, I didn’t. None of the ambassadors have their packs. One did mention VIP treatment, and, having raced 80 times and been to big, small, massive, foreign and local events I really couldn’t say what VIP treatment at a 10K would involve. I am eager to find out though. Fingers crossed the pack arrives in time.

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