Half of Fry and Laurie

Getting there, I think…or

Half of Fry and Laurie

Today sounds the end of Week 2 of my Berlin marathon training. I missed one run due to Boris Johnson but have been trying to keep on track (no pun intended) and slacking off and getting away with it early on will spell for a disaster when it comes to the big event and so, I was up at 7am on a Sunday, had some Weetabix and went out. No expectations, just to run easy.
It would be the normal, other than being at 7, so no as hot and not as noisy as normal. And so it was. I ran laps of the Primrose track twice, I ran through Regents Park as well as around it, stopping at one point to get doused by the sprinkler system in the flower garden before seeing, of all people, and given yesterdays momentous legal change in the US, very apt, Stephen Fry.
Yes, we have bananas
He was walking, and is HUGE, but I whizzed by then up through the park to the fountain, only to find it not working so ran back, by Stephen Fry again and around another quarter of the Outer Loop to the pond where there was a fountain, where I could use my Salomon Softcup for the first time.
The Salomon Softcup
When it comes to names the softcup is ok, I would have called it the flat cup, as it folds three times onto itself, fits flush in your shorts pocket and  when opened out is 125ml, so rather than drinking from fountains or taps you are drinking from your own cup. I used it twice. It was great. Will take it out with me from now on, esp on that route.
And the route was the normal, meandering, looping, track runs etc. Easy? Yup. That’s how it felt.
So that is 122KM for June with a run on Tuesday to go. Full steam ahead for Berlin methinks.

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