The Berlin Marathon training plan week two…

The Berlin Marathon training plan week two…

I took a few days in a row off, missing the Tuesday 10K with Sprints due to going to the Mayoral Debate and tonight got back on the trail.
Tonight was a supposed EASY (yeah, right!) 10K although I am still in bits in the legs and am in pain for the first 5K+. I was a minute per KM faster that last time out but my legs hurt and they’re lack of recovery is starting to concern me.

I started the training right after the Rock n Roll Liverpool weekend and only had one day to recover from that when I would ordinarily have taken the week off and started at Park Run. I have been thinking that I have always been in a state of recovery and my legs haven’t felt great at all. I am fit and can run physically, my heart and lungs have no issues, it is the pain in the legs and ankles as I plod that I do not like. It goes after the first 5 miles. But getting to the point it feels better (or numb) seems an age away from when I start running.

Something that I am also concerned about, inasmuch as it is annoying and uncomfortable is that if I run at the end of the day am suffering from terrible acid reflux. Yuck. Maybe I need a couple of Gaviscon beforehand. I am thinking I am getting the acid reflux because I am running at the end of the day having snacked and eaten breakfast and lunch, then dumped a pint of water before I head out. Of course I am not going to feel great, my diet is way off.
Anyway, back on it and next up is Hampstead Heath Park Run on Saturday where I am hoping for a bit of a PR PB.



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  1. ChiltonDiva says:

    I am not a morning exercise person at all so 9/10 run at the end of the day to shake the day off. I sometimes find I get heartburn if I've not hydrated enough throughout the day. Maybe up the ol' water intake throughout the day?


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