Product Review: IAMRUNBOX


It has been a week or so since I was asked to review the IAMRUNBOX garment case and I have been struggling. While on paper it was clearly the sort of thing that I would use and want it became pretty obvious once I got it out of the packaging that something was missing. I looked at the neat packaging with its photos of a guy running along a street, a businessman pulling a wheeled suitcase and a girl on a treadmill and then it dawned on me, “where are the straps?”
That guy running, he has to have it in his backpack.
The IAMRUNBOX has a single handle on the top but I do not really see the point of it unless you are going to carry it around like a handbag, which I cannot see anyone doing. After reading the back and then looking at the pictures it became apparent that the IAMRUNBOX is just a box, and a box that you would need to carry in something else. It is not something you can strap to your back, and therefore need to carry it in a rucksack. It is not something you would carry by itself when travelling and would therefore put it in your suitcase. It is effectively a hard-cased garment bag big enough for a pair of trousers, a folded shirt, socks, tie and underwear. It is too small for a jacket and it is the wrong shape and size to fit in a pair of work shoes if it was, as I was planning, to be used to run to work with.
No room for shoes or a jacket
I wanted the IAMRUNBOX to have adjustable shoulder straps so I could use it, but instead I am chained to using another bag to carry it in. And that is the crux of the matter. As IAMRUNBOX representative Kirill ensured me, there are newer version of the IAMRUNBOX in the pipeline for 2015 and 2016 and straps are one of the design considerations. If they do I would use it. Presently, I have two running backpacks, the OMM Ultra 15, in which the IAMRUNBOX fits neatly and actually matches the colour scheme (orange and black), and the Inov 8 Race Pro 12 hydration pack which has absolutely no chance of fitting it in.
You’ll Need one of these
It begs how this would be used. If you wear a suit to work, you cannot fit the jacket in the IAMRUNBOX. If you want to carry work shoes, there is no room for them either. Now for me, if I had the intention to run home I would leave my work shoes under my desk. If, however, I have to go out that night, or plans change and I wear my work shoes home, then I cannot use the IAMRUNBOX on my run back in the next morning, as there is no room for them.
Or one of these
I guess in short I was really excited to use the IAMRUNBOX, thinking it had shoulder straps and would replace my backpack, but am ultimately disappointed because this isn’t the case. When they bring out an IAMRUNBOX with its own straps I will venture in again. But until then I will probably only use it as a garment case to carry shirt and trousers to a venue within my backpack. I will not run with it. It doesn’t do what I want it to.
Some facts and observations to end on:
1.      Colour – Black and orange.
2.      Material – Hardened fabric.
3.      Straps – Just the one on top, no backpack straps.
4.      Capacity – Pair of trousers, folded, shirt, folded, socks and underwear. You do get a really nifty folding guide that shows you how to fold your clothes to make them fit.
Nifty folding guide
5.      Cost – 35 Euros/25 pounds.
6.      Space for shoes? – No
7.      Space for jacket? –  No
8.      Waterproof? – Doubt it. Something else that will need to be included with the shoulder straps, for me to use it regularly.
9.      Would I buy it? – Probably not in its current form.


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