Back to the Heath!

Back to the Heath! or…

Berlin Marathon Training Day 3


ParkRun I came to late, despite being in a race started by the founders, and this week was my fifth (fourth on record as one week they cocked up writing down my name and two numbers!). It has been a tough week as it is my first properly marathon training. 2 days (Tues and Thurs) of 10Ks I could normally handle, one with 6 sprints, but not after the Rock n Roll Liverpool Half Sunday. Still, I am persevering.
My PB at ParkRun is 28:33 as I take it very easy. That is almost 5 mins slower than my best at the distance. And this week I treated it as a leg stretch. If I could make it all the way round I would be impressed as I felt like my legs were made of Meccano, and I could have made it around running the whole time I would have been ecstatic.
Alas I did not make it all the way around running, else I would have had a ParkRun PB or a PR PR, I walked at the top of a hill and slowed to a brief 10 step walk a couple of times. Still, as far as my marathon training goes it all adds up and any 5K under half an hour and any 10K under an hour keeps my sub 4 target a reality.



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