The Old Time Shoe Dilemma Continued…

The Old Time Shoe Dilemma Continued…

My back is absolutely killing me so no Parkrun at Hampstead Heath this morning. I will get back to it next weekend, I promise. This weekend is a trip to Bath for the Relish Events Two Tunnels 10k, and what is apparently the UK’s longest underground race.
Yes, you heard it first here, folks, underground race. It apparently goes through the old steam train tunnels in the Bath area so why not combine it with a stop over at the wonderful MacDonald Spa hotel. And, to be honest, I really need a massage or two. Oh and maybe some time in here…
For a week my back has been killing me, and with the scrunching of my stomach to alleviate the back pain, I somehow managed to get a second run in though, in my quest to find the RIGHT SHOE FOR BERLIN. The training for the marathons starts on the 8th June so I need to get my finger out.
Having run first in the BROOKS GHOST 7 with 2XU sleeves and Balega socks I suffered from a multitude of cramps and twinges. By process of elimination I removed the sleeves (as I thought they were too tight) from the equation.
How did it go? Well the first 2-3K felt like someone was smashing my ankles and shins with a crowbar. I turned my ankle over at 3.5K. But around 5 and on to 9K home I warmed up and it was all fine. I am not remotely convinced by this shoe and will try either the On Cloudrunners or Hoka One One Stinson Tarmac for the race this weekend IF (and only if) my back feels better. I hate DNSing, but there are 2 more races this month and I really want to beat my PB for the 10K at the Bupa London 10K, or at least beat my time for that race.

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