The Did Not Starts

The Did Not Starts

also known as…

A future Race Calendar

After an inspirational conversation with fellow Twitter runner @dleiasna84 or LisaRuns4Sanity I decided that my previous DNSs will become a race calendar some day. I need closure goddammit. So here it is, out there like Lionel Blair.
  1. POSTPONED then DNS – Les Hutton 10M (Dartford, Kent, UK) (Double booked)
  2. DNS – Roma Half Marathon (Rome, Italy) (Funding)
  3. DNS – Milan Half Marathon (Milan, Italy) (Double booked, funding)
  4. DNS – Wales half marathon (Pembrokeshire, Wales) (Double booked)
  5. DNS – Summer Breeze 10K Wimbledon (Got lost in woods)
  6. DNS – AMBA Hotel London City Mile (London) (Couldn’t get there in time)
  7. DNS – Wimbledon Half (London) (Double booked)
  8. DNS – Bromley 10K (Bromley, Kent UK) (Sick flu)
  9. DNS – Hadleigh Castle 10K (Hadleigh, Essex, UK) (Travel issues)
  10. DNS – Shakespeare Half Marathon (Stratford Upon Avon, UK) (Injured)
  11. DNS – Silverstone Half Marathon (Travel)
  12. DNS – Gunnersbury 10k (London) (Travel issues)
  13. DNS – Bacchus Half Marathon (Denby Estate, Surrey, UK) (No music, double booked)
  14. DNS – Richmond Park 10K (Double booked)
  15. DNS – Thames Meander Half Marathon (London) (Double booked)
Glad that’s sorted. 🙂

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