The first combination…

The first combination…

The Candidates
So the first combination was my 2XU calf sleeves (size S as measured by the lady at Runners Need), Brooks Ghost 7 2E (as recommended by the internet for flat feet),  and padded Balega socks.
Combo 1
The plan with all these shoes and socks and sleeve combinations is to try to find the comfortable fit, as it is never a question of fitness, only of discomfort with me. And so, an amble around Hampstead and Primrose Hill to see…
Thinking back at this run there was a lot of discomfort in places. It started well but by KM 2 I started to cramp so I slid down my calf sleeves. They felt really tight and on top of that, the tendons at the front of my ankles were really stiff and sore. A sign that I am ordinarily slamming my feet down flat and hard. I shook it out and ran 2 laps of the Primrose Running Track and then turned back towards home. By this point the cramping had gone, as had the ankle stiffness BUT my toes on both feet had pins and needles, as did the fleshy ball of my right foot (my leading foot).
In Summary, I believe the shoes are a little big and maybe could benefit from a different lacing style. The socks are no problem, so I think the calf sleeves were too tight, causing the cramping and the flat footed slamming that brought on the ankle stiffness, and it could have been the rolled down (and now constricting) calf sleeves around the ankles that caused the pins and needles.
All in all it was inconclusive, but, I was running decent pace for the first kilometres and, given how badly my midweek run was, I am happy with that.
I did walk the final 200m hence the red, and that took my average time down over the distance. I guess we shall see how my Thursday run goes before I decide upon the shoe I am going to take to Bath for the Two Tunnels.

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