The 2014 Race Medal Review

One for Marty Ewers here, the 2014 RACE BLING REVIEW!…

This year was to be my challenge year. I started running in May 2012 and ended with an addiction and 10 medals. In 2013, with 13 DNSs I ran 21. My aim for 2014 was to run as many races as the previous two years put together. And why not? You can either run further, faster or more often. With Berlin Marathon looming in 2015, and only 10 other races places I decided 2014 was going to me a ‘more often’ year. And so I did run 31 races, and was awarded 33 medals. There were a few DNSs but not due to injury, due to calendar clash. Those being…
  1. POSTPONED then DNS – Les Hutton 10M (Dartford, Kent, UK) (Double booked)
  2. DNS – Roma Half Marathon (Rome, Italy) (Funding)
  3. DNS – Milan Half Marathon (Milan, Italy) (Double booked, funding)
  4. Cancelled – Rock and Roll Edinburgh Half Marathon (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  5. DNS – Wales half marathon (Pembrokeshire, Wales) (Double booked)
  6. DNS – Summer Breeze 10K Wimbledon (Got lost in woods)
  7. DNS – AMBA Hotel London City Mile (London) (Couldn’t get there in time)
  8. DNS – Wimbledon Half (London) (Double booked)


Now 8 DNSs is not as bad as last year and the reasons, well they were better too. Having races 20 times in 6 months for Pancreatic Cancer UK this year, simply not bothering was no longer an option. Of the 8 The Les Hutton, postponed from last year AND this January, was rescheduled on a day I couldn’t make it as was double booked. The Rome and Milan races were just a silly, impulsive booking frenzy. In the end I ran Hastings in the end on the day of Milan Marathon, and that started the Pancreatic Cancer 20. THEY cancelled Rock and Roll Edinburgh! Wales Half would have been a five hundred pound weekend including nearly 20 hours on trains so not going was just common sense. I genuinely tried to get to the Summer Breeze 10K on Wimbledon Common but took the wrong route and ended up lost at the time of the start. Literally in the thick of it. Wimbledon half was booked but Pancreatic Cancer UK offered me a spot at the Royal Parks so I helped them out there. And the City Mile I just couldn’t get there. Especially after my slowest half marathon ever, on one of the hottest days of the year.
But, excuses aside, those were the 8 medals that didn’t make it into my collection. There were 33 that did. And here they are, with a comment or two.
Marty Gringo and Alana this is for you… Cue the music…
Longleat 10. Very disappointing since their normal medals are the
famous lion head. This being their 10th year was actually crap.


I discovered  in the UK as a local alternative to the
superb Jost Running in the US. Their bling needs improving but it sure gets here faster.


The Richmond Old Deer Park run really got me back into it this year.
Lovely looking but actually very small bling.


The Inaugural Surrey Half was a well organised race, nice marshals, good route and a nice (for the UK) medal


Needed this half medal from  after seeing it on
the site. So ran an extra half to get it.


Who gives horse brasses as medals? The Hastings Half, that’s who.
This monster is heavy and treasured, being my first for Pancreatic Cancer UK


Going against all I believe in, I ran around the Emirates in an Arsenal
community shirt. Got dizzy going around and around and around…


Same course in Regents park as always and…. Yes, the same medal. Not running with them again.


Watford 10k had a surprising bargain bucket medal given the size of the field and the event.


Let’s not go there…


First race around Clapham common for a charity that helps find people who
have gone missing. Nice event, rock choir, and bespoke bling.


Oh, it gets better every year. The BUPA London 10K medal. My third, and definitely not my last. Love it.


Probably the most regal looking medal of all. The Luxembourg night
marathon medal. Simply stunning event and bling. Thanks to @PaperInEurope for this one.
She ran it last year, I missed out as was watching Eddie Izzard.


First race without music. And a nice mivvy ice cream at the end.


A nice enough medal, as it is unique in my collection, slowest – race – ever!


Disappointing we were not allowed to run into the Olympic stadium to finish the race
like they did last year, but still ran around it and the park on a sweltering hot day.


Another one I missed last year. One of my aims was to tick of some of the DNSs.
So with Luxembourg I also ran the City Race. Two ticks there.


The only Jost Running medal of the year. A 5K, just because the bling is so awesome.


After Edinburgh came Dublin, and my second Rock and Roll Half. Liverpool in 2015,
and maybe Lisbon in 2016. Lovely races, excellent support and top top top top bling. Saw Marty there too.


And we ran the fun run to cool down afterwards.


And we collected our World Racer medals for running several Rock and Roll Events.


Tiny medal, but purty, for the Pride 10K in Victoria Park.


Disappointing same medal as last year at London Zoo 10K,


Probably one of my favourites for the year. Great run in the inaugural Reigate Half.
Beautiful town, and medal designed by a local school girl. Top all over.


A half marathon walk you say? Yes, it hurt more than any half I have run before. I highly recommend it.


A giant obelisk from the Bournemouth Half. Literally a girder.


When it finally came, and we are talking 6 months after I paid for it, the Sean Astin Run3rd
medal was quite alright. I awarded it to myself for completing the 20 races in 6 months for Pancreatic Cancer UK,


Second time of running it, and not planned, and a different leaf this time for the Royal
Parks half, one of my favourite races in the world.


The Poppy Half medal, 100 year anniversary from the start of WW1 and a lovely medals.


Disappointing same medal as last time from MoRunning


First Ever Santa Run… I am still picking fake beard out of my teeth
And another  race, this time a simple 5K in the cold for a santa medal…

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