Race Review: London Zoo Stampede

The London Zoo Stampede (10k)…or

Race 16 of 20 for Pancreatic Cancer UK

A year ago to the day I ran this race. You can read my review of it here but really the summary was:


  1. The London Zoo stampede isn’t really at London Zoo, it starts and ends at the same part (by the carousel) but 95% of the race is actually in Regents Park. A park I race in all the time, on the route that most 10ks in the park run.
  2. Friends and family need to pay full entry to be there to cheer you on at the start and the finish.
  3. The bling was average.
I ended the blog post last year by stating I would not run this race again or recommend it, but hey, I did to get the numbers up for my 20 races for Pancreatic Cancer in 6 months, as the virtual races I had signed up for had been very remiss in their delivery of medals, and that with Reigate Half Marathon next weekend, there is a chance I wouldn’t be able to run the Run The River 10k two days later.
So how was it this year?
The route was the same…
And I did the run in 7 mins slower than last year due to 6 weeks off due to burnout.
The bling…
Is exactly the same, other than the year on the ribbon. Disappointing.
The Swag bag from Whole Foods was there too… This is how it looked. And I still find last years useful to carry lunch to work.
So I guess it is what it is. I knew what I was getting myself into when I signed up. This time though, I did take photos. In both cases I am the one on the left.
In Summary this race feels like Groundhog Day (for want of a zoological reference)… in that it is three laps of a park I have run a dozen times and actually train in, and was the exact same race with the same bling as last year. It doesn’t make my 10 for 2015.



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