Race Review: Standard Chartered City Run

The Standard Chartered City Run


The 11st Race for Pancreatic Cancer UK (my 48th race since taking up running)

I am quite disappointed. There were supposed to be 2 virtual races in the 20 for Pancreatic Cancer research. The first was the JostRunning (of fantastic bling fame) April 5/10K but, due to all those races I did in May I couldn’t run the 5K when I was supposed to, so that one was removed from the list, and I ran it later.
Now the other virtual race I planned to run was the Run 3rd race. Now Run 3rd is the brainchild of popular Hollywood actor Sean ~Mikey Samwise~ Astin.
His thought being:
  1. First you run for yourself
  2. Then You run for your Family
  3. Then you run for You (for someone you love)


I think it is a pretty cute idea so in March I paid for the race and waited. And I waited…. And I waited…. And I waited… And I then chased up the lady on Faceback who was organizing it and she hadn’t even ordered the medals yet. This was Late April. I chased again, and again. And then the lady posted that she wasn’t all that upset by the medals not arriving as she had paid for virtuals before and those medals had arrived later than expected.
Hmm. This is like Amazon taking ages to send you something and when you complain to customer service they say “ah well, I ordered something once and it didn’t arrive on time.”
The final straw was this week, when the lady posted that not only had she taken so long to post them she was only addressing 5 a day? Erm… remember when I organised a virtual race with people all over the world and sent medals straight out? Yeah? It’s tough. And then… as if that wasn’t enough, she somehow managed to underpay on the postage so they were being returned. And this is funny?
So the Sean Astin Run 3rd race is off my 20 for Pancreatic Cancer, I am, after all, trying to run 20 races in 6 months and god only knows when, or if, the medal will arrive. Shame. But this isn’t about them, this is about the charity.
And so to an actual race, the Standard Chartered City run…
Now this has gone on for a decade. This year I was running it for the first time with work colleagues. My place in last years race was given away free as I was away on holiday.
This year Paula Radcliff was there, and another small Hobbit-like creature in the shape of BBC Breakfast’s Mike Bushell was running it blindfolded.

Mike Bushell from BBC Breakfast
The race started in the late evening, 7.15pm I think, starting in Artillery Fields in the city and dropping along and under the Barbican, around the corner by St Pauls onto Gresham Street, back along London Wall to the start.
Now there was a bit of a mess at the start. The corrals were voluntary and based on time. Under 17 mins, under 20, under 27 and over 27. Thinking I would probably be around the 27 mark, but maybe over, I took my place and waited. What happened next was ridiculous and as annoying as hell. This old guy with a bullhorn annoyed the crap out of us by not only cramming the entire rest of the field, regardless of expected end time, ahead of us, he also wouldn’t let us move up, so really we were way at the back.
And this was a busy one, with over 6000 runners from companies across the City of London sporting team t-shirts. And it was a 5K. I have never run a 5K before, so this was going to be an experience.
It was fun, I ran easily in my New Balance that I have since retired, despite a week of Maranoia. I ran alongside Mike Bushell for a while, but he was blindfolded and his pace was too slow for me, so I just ran off past those City pubs heaving with colleagues of the runners (oh, the Red Herring, the Globe, the Artillery Arms, the Cape, I have been to them all), before running through the finish and collecting my medal at the end.

There were free t-shirts too, but they were not included in the race bag like most races. Instead you needed to queue up for another 20 mins to get them. I didn’t have the time due to the start being delayed.


A pretty nice medal for such a short race, don’t you think?
There were very few photos. Certainly no Sussex Photography or Marathonfoto to take a photo for all the runners, which is a true shame. We do love our obligatory race photo and our race tees.
Still, there is a happy ending to the t-shirt tale. I tweeted that I didn’t have one and the wonderful people over at the City Race kindly put one in the post for me.
NEXT UP: The National Lottery Run around the Olympic Park


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