I am training again. Finally! After 6 months of thinking I had conquered this running malarkey, my training routine became a half marathon every two weeks. I am a plodder, I am a finisher. But the fun was dribbling out of running like a bag of jam with a split in the bottom.

I was also injured. The pre-Shakespeare half warm up run took out my left thigh and I still feel a twinge. But stretching will do away with that and now I am living 10 mins from the black label FITNESS FIRST in Saint Katherines dock and it’s treadmills.

My fitness levels, after all, were far better when I spent hours on the treadmills of the Barbican Virgin Active. But then I would suffer after a race. So now a happy medium will be reached. I shall split time between treadmill and the pavement. Tomorrow treadmill – Sunday pavement.

And let’s see if I can’t blow last years Bupa London 10K time out of sight.

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