Race Review: Old Deer Park Half Marathon, Richmond

The Old Deer Park Richmond Half Marathon Review…

The race calendar has gone from being nonexistent to full steam ahead in February, with 3 races in 3 weekends culminating with the first half marathon of the year, the half marathon around the Old Deer Park in Richmond upon Thames.
With a 9:15am Sunday start it meant a 45 minute District Line (the green one) from my home in Whitechapel (Jack the Ripper) and the Tower Hill station (Tower of London/Tower Bridge) end of the line all the way to the other end.
I didn’t sleep too well and, to be honest, have only managed one run on the treadmill of late. The VirtialRunner 10K last week and the Longleat 10K the weekend before making up all of my training so far in 2014. And who, who knows me, is going to question that. I was therefore expecting it to be a bit of a disaster.
This is one of many events run by Energized Sports, and they get it right for the most part. There is always a good number of helpful and friendly marshals, bananas, food, bling, and a baggage drop and portapotties.
The map of the course is below and it took you across the park a couple of times for all you mucky pups, along the road, and down the towpath by the river, so there was a bit for everyone.
And from my GPS perspective it looked like this.
And it felt good. There was a good crowd, somewhere close to 2000 brave souls coming out despite the wind and the weather of late. There was a fair mix of abilities too and I found it very easy to find people who enjoyed my comfortable 10 min/mile saunter. I finished with a flourish, ran to the station and all is good.
Now there was a photographer, so hopefully there will be a photo of two worth getting. I did not invest (if that is the right term) in the Longleat photo of me as I looked like… well, like I had packed on a few pounds over Christmas.
The BLING has caused a bit of a stir.
It is lovely. It is original. The ribbon is pretty. Marty and others have said how lovely it looked. Although I have had, sadly, had to point out that it may be wonderful, but it is pretty tiny. The camera I used to take the photo clearly the same one that makes small apartments look huge on the estate agent websites. Still, what can you do? Bling is bling.
Possible obligatory race photo to come?
Would I race the Old Deer Park half marathon again? I probably wouldn’t but I only say that because I have raced in Richmond, and Twickenham before. It was good to get the first half under the belt for the year, and to finish strongly. I would recommend it.

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