Virtual Racing Recap

The Virtual Race Recap…

We have all read about them, heard about them and wondered about them but how many of us have run virtual races? Well, I have acted as race director of one, the well received Runners Knees 10 Miler last year, and to this day I am being asked when the next one will be.

Now, I did something different to those that have come before me and those that have come since, in that I started the hashtag and got the runners to tweet photos of their experience, including the all important proof of time, before sending the medals and a lovely thank you card to them all.

The first I ran was the Virtual Half Mary, a great half marathon that brought together people all over, and the two sisters who organised it.

Since then companies have popped up who run virtual races monthly, send bling, and record your times. I have run with two:



These are very different outfits. VirtualRunner is in the UK and, for your £5 you get a standard medal sent second class delivery for free. The medal is on the top left of the collage below. I like this because 1. I get the medal, 2. it is pretty cheap, 3. it arrives in a couple of days. Although my envelope had been ripped open.

But, as you can see, the Jost Running medals are SUPERB! However, they are either $25 or $35 plus shipping. This makes it up to $50, so about £30. They also need to arrive. And things get lost in the post, or they did once, but the good people at Jost sent a new medal out as soon as I brought it to their attention. And , and this is probably more important due to the payoff factor, they can take a couple of weeks to arrive.

So, if you want £5 to go to a UK charity for a virtual run about, I would recommend VirtualRunner. If you want the extraordinary bling that costs as much for a UK half mary then go for Jost Running. Both are great ways to stay motivated in your training. You do get the bling as reward, and that is what I am all about.

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