The 20 week sub-4 hour Marathon Program or…

WTF am I doing running 26.2? or…

A Road Movie to Berlin or…

I actually cannot remember where I got this training program. It was online. It was probably a Yasso one, but I am not sure any more. I copied it into Excel and printed the sucker off. I like hard copy. It allows me to cross out days I don’t run, and overwrite changes to the program in Biro.

Here is how it looks after 2 weeks, and yes I know that I have actually not followed it at all. It has rapidly turned into a high school revision study plan, in that I have spent ages preparing it meticulously, colouring each subject of study, and working out a perfectly balanced plan, only to realise I spent so much time working on the plan I am already a week behind on the study itself.

Of course, I will realise sometime in August, that unless I get my finger out, my ass will be handed back to me in a bucket by a race I booked 8 months ago. I have known about this for ages. And I need to get into it.

My plan, of course, knowing the way my brain works, is multi-faceted, and includes me realising I could be a lazy swine, and not train, and thus booked my ass on lots of races leading up to Berlin.

I am therefore running:

Torbay half next weekend in sunny Devon by the sea
The Orange 10K around the hilly bastard Greenwich park in July
The York 10K a week later in August
The Bacchus half marathon in August around a wine estate dressed as Bilbo Baggins
The Thames Meander trail half at the end of August
The London Zoo 10 2 weeks before the marathon

So, see, I am not all that stupid. I know where I am lacking, and can lay traps to force myself to be better.

Also added new GU (strawberry and banana) and Nuun hydration to my race pack, and ordered a second pair of last years Brooks Adrenalin GTS 12’s.



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