The Race Tee edition…

Okay, before I start, these are not all the race t-shirts I have received. The Royal Parks Half Marathon tee was great, but ended up as a duster as there was no way on earth I was ever going to wear it out. It was a high quality tee, but it was fluorescent. I also no longer have the Teach First 10K t-shirt. This is no real loss. It was a cheap tee, it was a short race, the organiser lied about the distance, and still doesn’t admit they did anything wrong even though all our GPS measurements were 400m short. Anyway, that aside, here are the good, the bad and the fugly.

The North Carolina Half Marathon Tee and Medal

Arguably the most spectacular medal I have ever seen. It is huge, it lights up, it spins, I got it for running around a NASCAR track and stadium. What doesn’t it do? Make coffee?

The tee is great too. It is grey, sponsors in small print on the back and a nice logo on the front. Athletic tee material and I kinda like it.

Medal 9/10 Tee 7/10

The Amsterdam Half medal and tee

The medal is oval, which is unique. I am not a fan of the standard discs we often get. It is bronze coloured and high quality. The tee is too. It is one of the few I would look to wear to exercise in. It is a nice tech tee from Mizuno with the discreet logo on the front and sponsors on the back and sleeves.

Medal 6/10 Tee 7/10

The Crescent City Classic (New Orleans) tee

You saw the medal last week, it was cool, crescent-shaped, it spun, but it didn’t flash. The tee is low grade standard tee material, you can’t train in it. I will end up using it to polish the silver then bin.

Medal 6/10 Tee 2/10

The BUPA Great Yorkshire Run medal and tee

I am a little torn here. Although the medal is the standard disc, I like it. And although the tee is regular tee material and not a tech tee, I like the design, I like the colour. It works for me.

Medal 6/10 Tee 6.5/10

British 10K London sponsored by Nike Tee and medal

Now this was a cool idea for the tee. It is a tech tee, nice looking, made by Nike, cool design, and even has your race number printed on it. I like it. The tee and the medal compliment each other, in design, and colour. Although its still just a disc.

Medal 5/10 Tee 7/10

Semi De Paris medal and Tshirt

Ah, the Semi De Paris. What a fun race and experience. The tee is tres chic, an Adidas tech tee. If only it was a nicer colour, I would wear it a lot. Medal was unique but quite small.

Medal 6/10 Tee 7/10

BUPA London 10K medal and tee

This started it all. It was my first ever race. I got a medal, that I love, even though it is just a disc. And the red, white and blue tech tee, although crudely printed, is something I would and do wear to the gym.

Medal 6/10 Tee 5/10

The Tunbridge Wells Medal and Tee

It was the 30th running of the race, hence the huge logo, and the medal being amazingly shaped like the number 30. Now that is going the extra yard. They tried to rush us to the start, but I persevered and got the tee, which was lucky as it was -10 with the wind chill. Love them both.

Medal 7/10 Tee 7/10

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