Track One: STILL ILL

I don’t like being sick. I hate it, in fact. I live alone and being under the weather and not being able to see people, or even have a conversation face to face gets to me and adds to whatever ailment I have to bring me down.

So, Berlin Marathon training, pre York 10K I was bitten on the calf. Not a mosquito, as I leave those alone. Whatever it was that bit me really wanted a piece of me, and I had the classic, and very pretty on other people, red, white, red bulls eye marking.

It actually looked a lot worse than this. The inner ring, the bulls eye itself had it’s head scratched off in the night while I was asleep, and the outer ring was deep purple, and the white was more of a necrotic greeny/grey colour.

It was also burning to the touch, so much so I went to my GP.

So I went to the doctor who gave me some horse pills which, surprise surprise, made me feel quite unwell and stopped my training dead. In short, the list of side effects – nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and hot and cold sweats are not conducive to a training schedule.


The only plus side is that I DID go to the doctors and the meds ARE fixing the infection. I will be running before I know it. Hopefully by Sunday.

So, Sunday I double booked myself, and not only did I book two races on the same day, I booked two races in the same town, with the same event organiser. I am so “special” at times. (Thanks, Mrs Pickle for that observation).

I am scheduled to the run the LONDON SUMMER 10K in Regents Park. This is my preferred race and have been looking forward to it.

However, when booking the CITY RUNNERS RICHMOND PARK 10K on what I thought was the 8th September, I actually booked it for the 11th August, the same day.

So here is the rub:

  1. I only have the Richmond Park race pack so far.
  2. Richmond Park is a long way away from me, Regents is a short hop on the tube. And I could run back.
  3. I do not have the Regents Park race pack.
  4. The Race organiser will allow me to defer my entry to the Richmond Park run as it is a series going into the Autumn. 
I want the Regents Park pack to arrive to run that, and then will reschedule the Richmond park race for the 8th September as originally planned. Fingers crossed!

The obligatory York 10K Race Photo

And finally!
And when it comes to the 40th running of the Berlin Marathon (in my 40th year), on 29th September (my brother’s birthday), I hope this Smith’s song isn’t the most apt…


One Comment Add yours

  1. That is a very unpleasant looking bite.

    Good luck in your training for Berlin (and in getting well!). I bet that will be an exciting race!


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