Do you have the bottle?

Now this was always a problem that was going to surface when I started running: hydration.

For the gym, on the treadmill I always used the cumbersome Nike bottle.

This is great, the volume of water it holds is okay for about an hour on the infernal machine, but it is just too big to carry outside. So I researched it and found that this bottle from Adidas was consistently reviewed with 5 stars on Amazon.

I do not know why. It may fit over the handlebars of a bike for any bike/run situations you may find yourself in, but 1) it is made of hard plastic and therefore cannot be squeezed into your mouth, you have to suck the water from it and 2) it does not hold much at all. So I continued my search and found the solution.

Easier to hold, not made of hard plastic so it can be squeezed into your mouth and with enough volume to get you through a 10K. It will not suffice for a half or a full marathon, but by then I would have discovered some new way to drink water, maybe the famous Camelbak.

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