Rest is good…

I have decided to rest. Yesterday and today, being Saturday I have let the programme slide to fully recover from the week, the cold, Sunday’s Teach First 10K, whatever caused my legs to feel like crap all week from shins to hips. I was starting to worry that I would not be able to run the Royal Parks half, my first half, next Sunday as I just wasn’t feeling any better.

I cracked my left shin on the table the other day and it sucks as I am conscious of it. My second toe on my right and under pronating foot is killing me at the joint and I am thinking I need to rectify my gait to stop permanent damage. I am the one on the left with my right. While I am more like the middle with my left.

I have purchased more insoles to see if they help.
Mail Call…
Also, on my shopping list and still not here are the supposed best running earphones, the Yurbuds Ironman Endure Pro. After 11 days they should be close, a week ago they were in LA.
I do hope that they get here before next Sunday and are all they have been made out to be.


I have signed up for the Kingston 10K on the 5th December. The only concern that this is also organised by 209Events, the idiots who ruined the Teach First 10K. I have also signed up for the Bromley 10K on the 13th January.

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