I am really happy with this series of introductory sessions, introducing to you, and concreting to me, why these runners from the blogosphere and Twitterati are making so much of a difference in my running life. They are all a source of inspiration with their congratulations and support.

So here, after @PaperInEurope, I move Stateside for…

#2 the wonderful @RunnerMommmy2008, Michelle in Ohio

1. What brought you to running? 

I was at the gym and staring at an elliptical screen and just thought why am I inside when the weather is so nice. So I went for a run and fell in love.

2. How long have you been running? 

Since 2007.

3. Which criteria did you use to choose races you have run thus far? 

A scenic route, a fairly flat course and tons of spectators!

4. What would be your dream race? 

I would love to do a full marathon in Ireland. It just seems so green and grassy there! And of course finishing it in a sub 4! Oh could Scott Jurek or Anton Krupicka pace me???

I want to add too that the Disney race is a dream race as well. Running it with a fellow runner from the UK as Lilo and Stitch! :)))

5. Is there a running athlete/personality you look up to? 

Tons! Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan, Allison Felix, Dorothy Beal, Amy Hastings. The two mentioned above. The list goes on!

6. What other sports do you do besides running? 

Nada. Always rather be running!

7.  Who amongst your non-running family and friends would you love to convince to begin with running? 

My husband and sister.  My husband and sister. My husband so he understands my need to sign up fit every race!! And my sister because she has always wanted to run a marathon, but gave up on her dream after having two kids.

8.  And how would you convince them to run? 

Demonstrating the will and determination of what it takes to be a runner, show them the community of runners who give such love and support, and sharing the feeling of completing a race whether it be a 5k or marathon. That feeling is a feeling nobody can take away.

9. If you would run for charity, what organization would you support? 

Cancer. My father has cancer and my uncle died from cancer.

10.  What races in US would you recommend a foreign runner like me (for 5K, 10K, half and full marathon)? 

5k – The Fox and Hound Race.
10k -Buckeye Classic (trail not pavement).
Half – Emerald City half.
Full – only have one for experience. The Columbus Marathon!!

Columbus Marathon

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