Compeed vs Blist-O-Ban

I have a blister on my heel and have, until now, been using the marvellous Compeed blister plasters. Compeeds are great. You can get them from most pharmacies here in the UK, and in Europe. They are made by Johnson and Johnson.

They are of a unique fabrication as far as I can tell, they stay on your blister the whole time and you do not take them off. They eventually fall off, after the blister has completely healed.

Now, while readily available and having performed minor miracles on blisters the size of the entire little toe, I still decided to try something new and purchased Blist-O-Ban.

Now these are supposedly the blister plaster of the US Army. They appear on the site where it tries to see you things designed by runners for runners. Well, regardless of who designed it, and who uses it, I put one on today to test. I wore socks and regular shoes and within a couple of hours the Blist-O-Ban had turned around and stick itself to my sock.

Blist-O-Ban does not have the cushioning properties of Compeeds.

Blist-O-Ban is not as readily available as Compeeds.

Blist-O-Ban does not have the healing properties of Compeeds.

Blist-O-Ban is actually more expensive than Compeeds.

I have introduced several friends in the US to Compeeds and they swear by them. Weird that the US company Johnson and Johnson do not sell them there. There is probably some lobbyist getting rich off keeping that one away from the FDA,

So in short – DO NOT TRY BLIST-O_BAN, stick with that you know, and I know COMPEEDS.

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