The tendons under my right foot hurt today. I am not running and will not be until Tuesday or Wednesday. Then I shall be resting until Sunday and the BUPA Great Yorkshire Run (10K) in Sheffield. This seems sensible to me.

The September Challenge

It was all supposed to be so easy. We (it was Jon_2011’s idea) throw out the challenge to other NIKE+ users on Twitter and we have some healthy competition, just to improve our PBs. The stats are there after all, and it would be a simple case of just one person tallying them up at the end of each week.

We have since fallen afoul to a number of issues:

  1. NIKE+ is very inconsistent. You would have read about my issues with the website not showing the same data as the phone application. And the iPod app showing no PBs at all. Well, most of those issues are fixed other than the 1KM and 1Mile PB on the phone are wrong, but they are right on the website.
  2. Others have the same issues. @RunnerMommy2008 and @SausageSnaffler both have corrupt data, or data caused by the Nike+ calibration issue where it thinks you are The Flash and complete a K in a minute and a 5K in 10. They will be trying to get these fixed.
  3. The Old KM versus Mile issue. While it is easy to convert miles as a distance to kilometer using the factor of 1.6 something, trying to work out a pace is slightly different. I may just move my app to miles to be on par with everyone.
I thought it would be simple. And am glad we are trying to fix the issues before the actual challenge starts as it would be a shit show otherwise.

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  1. Lee Nixon says:

    So how do I join this challenge? Found out about it through sausagesnaffler.


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