Virtual Half Mary Race Review… 

There will not be much of a race review for this one. This was the brain child of my Twitter running people over in the US and can be read about here. A really good idea where people all over the world (US, Canada, UK, and Australia) run a half marathon on the same day. They post pics, chat in Twitter using the hashtag #virtualhalfmary and get bling donated by one of the kind organisers.

So, to remove the taste of the Twickenham 10K out of my mouth, wanting to run well, and finish on a high, I planned to run the first half of the Richmond Park Marathon route.

Richmard Park is beautiful, full of deer, and a 45 min subway ride from my house, so it was doable. I prepared a packed lunch of bananas and water, a backpack and was geared up to go there right up until my phone told me this.

And so fortune dropped a deluge on me, making me take up my alternative plan of running on a treadmill for the first time since the 10/10.

The Barbican Virgin Active became my venue, which was convenient, being 5 mins walk away. It would be tedious, I would vary pace, but I had music and could fall into that “zone” where all races are relived.

The Target was Set

Progress was made

And, even though my knee went nearing the end, I hobbled over the finish line. If I was strapped up (knee) and outside I could have smashed my PB, and that makes me happy. I ran completely within myself. I walked a lot. But I barely broke a sweat, and was never out of breath, despite not feeling 100%

It was a great experience, although next time I will try to run outside and with others. I have to thank the Michelle’s for organising it.

I have been inspired by them to organise my own RunnersKnees10miler some time in 2013, most likely a weekend where I am not running, so maybe the last weekend of January.

Will send printable BIBs. Will create a webpage. And will design the bling. But until then I can just relax, or can I?

On the downside I now have a stinking cold. I had been fighting it off but that last hurrah did me in. Oh well, new race is the BROMLEY 10K on the 13th January. See you all there.

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