Being sick really can be a pain in the ass, and I always had a fear that something would scupper my plans of running happiness this Autumn. This morning, just 6 days away from the TeachFirst 10K, I woke and my nose was like this…

Whilst my eyes felt like…

And my knee, the bad one, the one that is made out of

swelled at the side in that old acute tendinitisy kinda way. All this making me feel a little down. And so to my conundrum:

Should I work out tomorrow as planned (3K fast) or wait
for the next day (4K fast) or for Thursday (8K amble) or 
simply just get well and hopefully be okay for Saturday’s race?
Answers on a postcard, please.
Of course, this does pose the question of what to do when you cannot run. I was sick and injured (groinal) when I went to Saxony last month and when I came back I was strong and faster than before. I could go down that route and focus on other things. It is just a shame, as I was getting into it. 
I was almost tempted to sign up for the Oxford Half (14th Oct) that sits nicely between the Royal Parks Half (7th Oct) and the Amsterdam Half (21st Oct). It is still on my radar, even though I have never run the full 21K Half marathon distance as yet. I did run 16 on Sunday and could have gone on if I wanted to.

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