Amsterdam Half Marathon 8 days and counting…

So I went running today, for the first time since the Royal Parks half marathon and I cannot pretend everything is alright. My left knee started acting up with it’s MCL injury. This can be dealt with if strapped, and warmed up, and Nurofen is taken. The main issue I am concerned about now is LCL pain in the right knee. I felt this for the first time when I started walking back from the race. It is a sharp pain in the tendon/ligament on the outside of the right knee, just below the knee. I am thinking this is the lateral collateral ligament.

LCL tears should be treated immediately with the regular:

  • ICE
  • REST

Reading about LCL tears the difference here is that there is no swelling. It was also okay for the start of the run, and has not been bothering me all week. I am GUESSING that a tear would have affected my walking all week. Regardless I shall take it easy and exercise gently.

It could just be a strain, and time on the wobble ball will fix that.

Right now I would not run in Amsterdam feeling like I do. My confidence in the knees is about 45%. I am only running if 80% confident I won’t injure myself further.

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