Socks with Toes…

There is a school of thought that blisters can be avoided by wearing the correct footwear. Although by this we are not talking the right shoes, we are talking socks.

But not just any old socks, the current thinking is that, if you have anatomical 5 toe design socks (i.e., those with individual toes in), and rubber threads at key points, that your feet will not slip or slide in your shoes, and that blisters, caused by you slipping and sliding in your shoes, and your feet rubbing the loose socks between them and the inside of the shoe, will no longer be an issue. 
And the solution? the Injinji  Performance Series (as modelled by me)
The perceived benefits as per the packaging:
  • Proper toe alignment for natural feel
  • Protection from blisters and hot spots (I am guessing hot spots are where socks bunch and rub?)
  • Superior Moisture Management
And how can they do this?

Now what does this really mean?
Well, it took a while getting them on. The big toe is fine, but then the rest is a little bit of a struggle. I can see people with long bladed feet, or less square feet (I have square feet that look like a Hobbit’s, or a Lego man) then they would have issues. Also, if you suffer from Murphy’s Toe, or have elongated toes then these may not work.
I ran 4Km as per my training routine and, after a little bit of getting used to, they were great. I had no foot discomfort at all. I wouldn’t have gotten a blister anyway and will definitely try them outside for a longer run. I also have some of the Nike Dri-Fit version coming, so will let you know about them, but first…
Only downside of the Injinji toe socks – they cost £12! That is £6 a sock. Do you realise how many regular socks you can buy for that?

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