with the new Runners Knees 10 questions and answers going great guns, and queuing up in my email it is my honour to introduce you to the latest blogging, tweeting runner to talk to me…

#3 @runnersgirl1979 Ellie from NC, who writes on

1.       Why do you run?

Running is my chance to tune out the day and release any anxiety or anger, or negative feelings that I’ve harboured  Its my time with God, to pray and be out there with and within nature. Its not the run itself, but the journey.

2.       When did you start running?
Three years ago as a way to loose weight, started out only being able to run 1/4 of a mile, built up to a full marathon before the year was done

3.       Do you have a ritual? Or a pre-race ritual?
Not a ritual per se, but a routine. I am very particular about what i eat before a race and how long before the race i eat it. It has to be eggs, a bagel with peanut butter and some fruit. I lay all my gear out the night before and go over the course in my head to plot a strategy for the next day. I guess its because I like to feel that I have some control over what will happen the next day, but experience has taught me, the stars and planets have to align just right for every thing to go well, so eventually I surrender to that.

4.       Do you have items of essential kit that you cannot be without?
My running capri tights, arm warmers, iPod, and Garmin, never without my Garmin

5.       What is your training regime?
Depends on the race, but i usually get my training guides from the runners world website, their training plans helped me score a PR for my last race. I do not increase my mileage any more than 10% every week to prevent injuries. I am fortunate that i have miles and mile of great side walks in my neighbourhood and I use this to my advantage. I’m always plotting out some new route to take my long runs.

6.       What has been your favourite race to date?
Definitely the Ramblin Rose Half Marathon in Durham, NC. Not because of the race itself, definitely a very challenging course, but what it represented for me. My father has been battling his second round of cancer this year. The race was to benefit Duke Cancer Center, of which he is a patient. It just so happened that my father had finished his last round of chemotherapy two weeks before the race and has been pronounced in remission. Seeing him at the finish line meant so much to me. Every minute I wanted to give up during that race, i thought of my dad and how hard he had battled the cancer everyday. Made that hilly course seem a little easier. I PRed at 2 hr 16 min, it was worth it.

The bling!

7.       What has been your least favourite?
My first 5K, it was 97 degrees outside and we were running on recently poured pavement. I felt like my feet were going to melt to the floor as I was running. I made it through ok, but well under my intended time. Still caught the racing bug after that day.

8.       What are your running plans for 2013?
I am planning doing another half marathon in the spring, tobacco road marathon, with a few 5K’s dotted in between to keep my speed up. Planning on doing the SPCA 5K on Nov 18 to benefit homeless animals here in Raleigh, NC, USA. I will be entering the lottery for the NYC marathon next fall, and if I dont get in, I may do a local full marathon since i will be done with school by then.

10. What shoes do you wear?
Saucony kinvaras have been my go to shoe ever since my first full marathon 2 years ago. I’m a fore foot striker now because of this. My gait has improved along with my speed and has helped reduce the amount of injuries I’ve had. I run part time in my vibram five fingers as a supplement, would like to be able to completely transistion to barefoot running one day in the vibrams.

Her beloved Vibrams

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