I have not been posting as much as before as I am going through rehab physiotherapy for the runners knee that I have been suffering from since the Royal Parks half. I have not run since the Amsterdam half on the 21/10, and it is bringing me down a little. Although, to be honest, I would rather get this fixed than strain it more the next time I run and put myself in danger of gaining a more serious injury.

So, I bit the bullet and, completely out of character, went to the physio. I go to Six Physio (named after their 6 offices across London – goodness knows what they will do when they open another. Rename?)

I had a 1 hour assessment from the head physio (£78) and was videos lunging, single footed squats, running on the treadmill and none of it was good. I have weak hip flexors, poor posture, poor running posture, weak right side, very weak left glute (as the leg muscles kick in first and try to do the lifting of the leg for me). My shoes were also wrong, completely wrong.

So bye bye Lunarglides and Pegasus.

I do not supranate – I massive over-pronate. This meant that, instead of landing on the outside of my foot, and rolling to the inside and taking off with my big toe, I was landing flat footed, the shoes didn’t control my motion at all, and then I took off on my second toe – giving me Morton’s Toe. This being the most painful of the symptoms. So I was advised to get the Brooks Adrenalin shoes, these have a large arch support and would get me running correctly on my feet. I got the GTS 12s.

And I have been wearing them around. Having spent the last 8 months wearing the wrong shoe, I can tell the difference already. I also upgraded my regular brogues. I was wearing minimal support loafers, but now have supported brogues. And my Morton’s Toe is gradually going away.

And so to the physio. From my first session brought me into close proximity of the dreaded foam roller. My set of exercises to remove my very tight ITB being.

1. Calf Stretches (hold for 30 seconds x 2)
2. Gluteal Stretches (hold for 30 seconds)
3. Quadricep Stretches (hold for 30 seconds)
4 Hip flexor stretch (hold for 30 seconds)
5. ITB Release (2 minutes per leg – pain!)
6. Quadricep Release (1 minute per angle. Front left, front right, side left, side right, 45 degree left, 45 degree right – pain!)

And then I went for rehab a week later. An hour after that I also gained…

1. Shoulder bridge and leg reach (2 mins per leg)
2. Shoulder bridge – intermediate ball (1 minute each)
3. Clam 1 (10x per leg)
4. Side leg lift (10 x per leg)
5. Side leg circles (10 x per leg)
6. Adductor squeeze supine (6 second holds x 8)
7. Glute Med at Wall with Squat (10 x)
8. Lunge Alignment (10 x per leg)

I was sceptical, and am a little still, as they are in this to make money and they are making top dollar for telling me something I could find online. But someone else showing me and assisting does help.

In addition I am seeing a running form coach on the 8th to see if I can’t start running without injury. We shall see.

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